Welcome to the Bat Mitzvah Club*, where Bat Mitzvah age girls get together to discover what it means to become a proud Jewish woman!  Through fun crafts, great discussions, hands on experiences and lifetime lessons, the girls leave confident and strong in who they are.

Program highlights for 2022-23 include a Family Shabbat experience, and gorgeous Mother Daughter Brunch and Fashion Show!

I am so looking forward to an amazing year ahead!

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️Chana Kaplan
Co-Director of Chabad of Potomac Village

Bat Mitzvah Program is for Girls ages 11-13 Grades 6-7 (Bat Mitzvah age)
Monthly Meetings - 
6:45 - 8:00 PM

Chabad of Potomac Village
10500 Burbank Dr

2022-2023 Dates:

November 13
Sarah- ‘Loaves of Love’
Join the club and get your very own BMC gear. Learn what the Bat Mitzvah hype is all about! What does it mean to be a true giver?

Challah Braiding Workshop

December 11

Yehudit-‘Be the light’
How can you stand up to your own truths? What are my core values, and how do I stand up for them without compromise?

Granite Menorah Making

January 22

Rachel and Leah -‘Communication is Key’
An unbreakable bond or sibling rivalry? How do we pave the way for lasting friendships?

Decorate Journals and Flower Pens

February 26

Queen Esther -‘Behind my Mask’
Uncovering G‑ds Mask. Where is G‑d in my story? Am I letting Him in?

Make Lip Balms and Scrubs

March 3

BMC Family Shabbat Dinner

There’s nothing in the world like Shabbat… come and get it! Join Chana and her family in their home, as we light Shabbat candles, do Kiddush and enjoy a scrumptious dinner with friends, games and singing.

March 19

Chana- “From my Heart”
To pray or not, what does G‑d hear? What does G‑d want from me?

Motivational Message Canvas Art

April 16 *note it's a date change 

My Jewish Family Heroine- ‘Connection Point’
You are a link in an unbreakable chain, teach us about one of your family heroines.

Felt vision board

May 14

Mother Daughter Brunch And Show

Save the date! Details TBA


*Village Chabad BMC is dedicated in loving memory of Hadassah Bas Shneur Zalman OBM. A beautiful soul that left this world just shy of her Bat Mitzvah.